'Death Wish' is a community of players formed in WoW during WotLK, raiding on Ravencrest EU. Over the last 10 years the community has continually grown, and even during breaks in WoW raiding. A lot of the players play different games together or at the very least stay connected through Discord.
The guild started as an endgame raiding guild and has had solid progress until the introduction of Mythic raiding, where the decision was made to go for a more casual approach.
With the launch of Legion, Death Wish once again began raiding Mythic twice a week, as a two-day raiding guild. In Legion we achieved Cutting Edge Emerald Nightmare and went 8/10 in Nighthold Mythic before going on a break due to roster problems as some Raiders had real life obligations piling up and therefore couldn't continue raiding on a regular basis.
Currently, we are constantly looking to solidify our roster to continue achieving Cutting Edge every tier, regardless of roster changes. Although we are recruiting, we do have a solid core group of raiders, who achieve near perfect attendance, as we also expect from all recruits, as raiding two days a week, requires everyone to show up with their A-game to achieve good clears of the current content.
Besides the two mandatory raid nights, which are Wednesdays and Sundays from 8pm to 11:30pm (Realm time), there is always an organized (optional) Heroic and Normal clear, as well as a bunch of people doing M+ and pushing high keys and achieving top realm ranks for their classes.
If you’re intrigued or interested in joining, you can find more information on our recruitment page.

Context Nightbane runs - Purple the cutie Krosus Mythic Kill Cenarius Mythic Kill Xavius Mythic Kill Tichondrius Mythic Kill


A group in the guild was selling Nightbane runs, and while waiting we discovered that Purple looks really cute in a purple dress ;)

Throwback to when Death Wish killed Krosus Mythic, only took a 'couple' of tries.

Screenshot from our first Mythic Cenarius kill, one of the harder bosses in Emerald Nightmare, apart from Il'gynoth.

Back from our Mythic Xavius kill - Probably the easiest boss in the entire raid. Killed him on 2nd attempt on a monday. Interesting ceiling though.

Screenshot from Tichondrius Mythic.